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Taking care of your smile for 34 years

In our clinic we offer dental services spanning the whole spectrum of dentistry. Due to our specialization and our 28 years of experience in periodontology and implantology major focus is being given on complex implant cases as well as cases of bone regeneration.

O ur treatment plans are characterized by predictability and success, which result from our long experience, our solid scientific background as well as our contemporary dental equipment.

In terms of imaging, the use of digital xrays offers high diagnostic capabilities while minimizing radiation doses for the patient. With regards to therapy, our practices are equipped with laser devices, ultrasonic devices, piezoelectric surgery devices as well as microsurgery kits.

Laser technology finds use in a broad spectrum of dental procedures.  In short, it may be used adjunctively to scaling and root planing in the treatment of periodontitis offering a strong bactericidal effect. Additionally, it may be used in multiple surgical procedures such as gingival plastic surgery, frenulum removal and fibroma removals.

With the use of lasers, these procedures are performed without bleeding and without need for suturing.  Our doctors’ knowledge and experience in the use of laser technology due to their specialization and Master’s degree in the field of dental lasers (MSc, RWTH Aachen University, Germany) maximizes the potential of our laser equipment.

O ur contemporary ultrasonic devices allow for fast and more effective plaque and tartar removal minimizing any patient discomfort during regular prophylaxis or periodontal treatment.

Piezoelectric surgery is used in surgical procedures that involve bone tissue. Its unique advantage lies in its minimally invasive nature as well the complete safety it provides to adjacent anatomical entities (vessels, nerves).

Lastly, our microsurgery equipment (magnification and microsurgery tools) allows us to perform extremely delicate handling of the tissues in order to minimize post-surgical sensitivity and maximize final esthetics.