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Immediate Loading

Immediate Loading – Case study Ι

Immediate Loading – Case study Ι

Tooth was deemed non restorable and was planned for extraction and replacment by a dental implant


Initial picture. The crown of the upper left central incisor has been fractured and temporarily stabilized

Inital xray. The tooth fracture is evident (xray taken before the temporary stabilization of the fractured part).


Picture taken immediately following tooth extraction and implant placement. Suturing and immediate placement of a provisional crown in order to temporarily restore esthetics.

Shaping the gingival contour with the help of the provisional crown (the provisional crown has been temporarily removed in order to make final impressions).


Final intraoral picture following delivery of the definite implant crown. Integrity and maintenance of the periimplant tissues may be seen despite the tooth extraction (no loss of gums). Additionally, a natural blending of the implant crown with the surrounding tissues is evident.

Extraoral picture of the final result in full smile.