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Smile Aesthetics Improvement

Smile Aesthetics Improvement – Case study Ι

Smile Aesthetics Improvement – Case study Ι

This young patient expressed her desire to improve her smile esthetics. More specifically she strongly disliked the extensive exposure of her gums during smile (“gummy smile”).


Extra oral picture of patient’s smile. Gummy smile influences smile esthetics in a very negative way because it disproportionately exposes the gums with respect to the teeth. As a result teeth look really “small” and gums “very large”. A smile is considered esthetic only when 1-2 mm of gums are visible when smiling. In fact her displeasure prevented her from smiling and laughing in a natural way (she consciously restrained herself from smiling widely).

Intraoral picture of her “gummy smile”. Reduced height of tooth (“short teeth”).


Impression making and fabrication of model in order to thoroughly study the case and properly plan the intervention

Designing the ideal smile line on the cast with respect to the individual anatomical characteristics of the patient’s gums and teeth

Fabrication of surgical guide to maximize precision of the procedure based on the planning and already made measurements.


Exraoral picture of patient’s smile. Increase in tooth height, restoration of a harmonic proportion of tooth height/width and restoration of smile esthetics. Patient’s satisfaction is readily evident since she no longer restrains her smile. She has regained her confidence and her smile is natural and spontaneous.

Intraoral picture of patient’s smile. The restoration of proper tooth height is clearly evident in this close up picture.